The Right Size Matters

“What’s the best shoe on the wall?” It’s a question customers frequently ask Joe King’s Shoe Shop in Concord, New Hampshire. The truth is, there’s no one answer that will work for every runner. That’s why local shoe stores take such care to fit runners into their best fitting shoe according to the customer’s activities.
If you are looking to buy the pair of shoes that will suit your needs and comfort level, then talk to the shoe store’s staff about your activity level (casual joggers and ultra-marathoners end up in different sneaks!). Make sure you are measured to get the right size, and tell them to take a look at your arches, and let them know about preexisting conditions.
After that, finding the best shoe takes trying different models that offer the right kind of support, finding the fit and brand that works the best for your feet structure, running philosophy, and your run. That’s why it is important for reputable shoe stores to take the time to fit their customers, and why it is important to be professionally fitted for running shoes. Instead of ordering online, and hoping it will fit, or work for your run, head to your local running specialty store, and get your best fit, for your best run.

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