What is Functional Medicine?

Since its inception in July 2023, Med Matrix has rapidly expanded, proudly serving over 1,000 patients who seek a transformative approach to healthcare. In response to the growing demand for alternative health solutions, Med Matrix is thrilled to announce the launch of an exclusive Functional Medicine Membership program, meticulously designed over the last eight months to redefine the American healthcare experience.

In an era where prominent figures like Mark Hyman and Peter Attia advocate for longevity and with significant investments flowing into the sector, Med Matrix harnesses cutting-edge treatments such as stem cell therapies, exosomes, advanced testing, peptides and in depth doctor visits, to meet the increasing dissatisfaction with conventional medicine post-COVID.

Part of our intake process as a clinic is understanding why patients are coming to Med Matrix.

Time and time again we hear patients unsatisfied with a prognosis of being “in a range” or in “average health for their age.” “I don’t care that I’m 60, I don’t want to be fatigued, even if it is normal for my age” says Tina, a patient of Med Matrix.

Looking at data from the World economic forum and the Edelman Trust Barometer, a majority of people globally are worried that medical science is being politicized. As well as, people’s confidence in their ability to find answers about healthcare questions and make informed health decisions has declined steeply over the past five years.

Patients are turning away from traditional care and the omnipresent “Dr. Google,” searching for more personalized and attentive healthcare solutions.

Feedback from diverse patient demographics highlights a common theme: a desire for more from their healthcare providers. Med Matrix has risen to this challenge, spearheaded by an ambitious local young entrepreneur, supported by a dedicated team of 3 Institute of Functional medicine-certified doctors, 5 nurses, and 4 clinical staff. Together, they have developed a healthcare program focused on disease prevention and extending health span, receiving an overwhelmingly positive response from patients.

The path in which Med Matrix practices health care is through the lens of functional medicine.

Functional medicine works on a patient to patient basis, understanding why a patient is sick and working to relieve the root cause opposed to treating the symptoms. It is important to know that functional medicine works in unison with modern western medicine while also utilizing cutting edge therapies and lifestyle/natural modalities when appropriate.

Med Matrix’s Functional Medicine Membership is not just about treatment but a commitment to changing lives through comprehensive, personalized healthcare plans that involve supplement, hormones, diet, sleep and lifestyle optimization. It represents a pivotal shift towards a future where health and longevity are within everyone’s reach.

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