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Cannabis and cannabis products work differently for everyone. There is a learning curve and it takes time to find the best strain and products that work with your body. The best way to do so is to talk and work with your local dispensary and budtenders.

MH&WG: How does Cannabis help with stress?

ZG: As a person who has ADHD, I find cannabis can help me manage my stress. Instead of feeling like the hamster wheel in my brain is spinning out of control, a few puffs help me slow down and focus on getting the next step done.  

But does cannabis always help me manage my stress? No. Many factors add to how a person reacts to feeling high. For me, my mental state and environment always play a big part. But, usually cannabis can help me take a step back from the craziness and reassess how I could better deal with my problems. It can be that calming deep breath in – blessed with THC – that helps you re-center and get back to your best self.

Finding the right products to help manage stress takes time and there is a lot out there to explore. My preference leans towards cannabis flower, or “bud” commonly used in joints or bowls. Some Zero Gravity strains, such Kimbo Kush, make me want to shut off the world, sink into the couch, and disassociate by scrolling through endless social media. Other Zero Gravity strains such as Guava Tangie, invigorate me, making me want to create, visit with friends, or go out and explore the woods. 

MH&WG: How does Cannabis help with sleep?

ZG: Cannabis can be very helpful with sleep, but again, it all depends on finding what works best for you. Indica strains are associated more commonly with full body effects, such as deep relaxation and reducing insomnia. I’ve had experiences fighting off sleep in order to try and finish the bowl of a heavy-hitting indica strain like Zero Gravity Sunset Runtz. And I’ve had experiences where a high-dosage distillate gummy before bed had me reorganizing my entire wardrobe until 1 a.m. 

For me, Sunset Runtz, paired with some late night TV, and I am off to bed. But, there are also times when I need something a little stronger to shut down my brain and stay asleep for the night. 

Edibles and tinctures are great assistants with sleep aid. Edibles usually take longer to activate in your system and the type of edible – gummy, chocolate, drink, etc.— will also play a role in the time period it takes to start feeling it. Tinctures get absorbed primarily through your mouth, which is why they recommend holding it under your tongue so long, so it bypasses the amount of time it takes edibles to absorb. 

MH&WG:  What dosage is good for sleep/stress?

ZG: Dosage all depends on the individual and the cannabis product being used. When it comes to edibles, newbies should start with a safe 5mg distillate, give it an hour – maybe two, and see how you feel from there. People tend to think partaking in cannabis is similar to the feeling of drinking alcohol. Where there are signs as you move from tipsy to buzzed to a drunk state, this is not the case with edibles. Edibles hit you like a Mack truck before you know it. And depending on if you’ve found your right dosage or not, you’ll be in for a ride. The typical rule of thumb with edibles is you can always take more, but you can’t take less. 

Zero Gravity Cannabis has some delicious 10mg hash rosin gummies that give me a full-body high without the sleepy, glued-to-the-couch feeling, commonly referred to as “couchlock.” I can take a 10mg hash rosin gummy in the morning and instead of feeling impaired, I feel like I’m floating throughout the day with a smile on my face. Or, if I take two gummies 30 minutes to an hour before bed, I sleep like a log. 

MH&WG:  I have chronic inflammatory pain. How do topicals and salves heal this condition? 

ZG: Topicals and salves are magical creations that help relieve pain and rid inflammation on surface-oriented pain. While they may not heal chronic inflammatory pain, they can absolutely help manage it. Active THC alone does not target inflammation, but when left in its acid form and combined with CBD, the two work to get rid of inflammation and the pain that comes with it.

MH&WG:  Can I function and do work or be active while taking cannabis products? 

ZG: Yes, but each person’s body reacts differently, so it is important to learn your tolerance levels and what works best for you. Some people only imbibe at the end of the day, when all their responsibilities for the day have been accomplished. Others maintain a level of high all day, and still manage to get things done. I also know people who think they can get work done after indulging in cannabis, but it derails their entire day and nothing gets accomplished. The best way to learn is to be open to trying different products and to work with your local dispensary and budtenders to find what works best for you.

Lauren Wilbur is a marketing manager for Zero Gravity Cannabis and has a passion for educating people about the substantial benefits that marijuana products possess. With a background as a writer and an artist, Lauren uses her social platforms to showcase all things cannabis. Find her on Instagram: @thepaintingpig

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